About me & Stock-Market-Research


My name is Alexander Jagode. Stock-Market-Research.com acts as a contact platform for investors with a long-term investment horizon.

The primary goal is to find compounders. Classically, I am always looking for companies with competitive advantages that management can deploy in such a way that the shareholders’ capital is increased from year to year. Ideally, the company has already proven in the past that the business model can be operated profitably. In most cases, the balance sheet structure is also an exclusion criterion for me, which is why I focus on companies with low leverage or, better, can be operated with net cash. And in the end, of course, the price must be right. Hyped companies, which are traded at astronomical prices, do not interest me. I would rather find them before the masses jump on the bandwagon. I would name all these criteria (and more) if I had to describe an optimal company. Since such (almost!) only exist in theory, the criteria help much more to answer the question of how close a company comes to the optimal case. This way, different business models can be compared more easily.

The investment universe is basically global, but focuses can be set on specific industries or geographical regions.

In particular, I focus on small and mid-caps (and sometimes micro-caps) where my research can add value and which can become a potential 10 – 100-bagger. It is best not to have any sell-side analysts following the company yet, as the subsequent arrival of analysts often leads to a higher valuation.

I think it is impossible to find a great company every month. Sometimes maybe the price just isn’t right yet. Even though I try to meet all the criteria, I may occasionally write about a company that just belongs on the watchlist, even though it is my ambition to find companies at rational prices.

However, the aim of this page is not to make you rely completely on my research. I only provide information and try to link them as well as possible. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own decision.

If you have expertise in a company I have written about or you think that I am completely wrong with my assumptions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email and share your opinion with me. I love to hear from my readers!

My full-time job is as a buy-side analyst for Paladin Asset Management InvAG based in Hanover (Germany). I would like to point out that I run Stock-Market-Research privately in my spare time. There is no overlap between the investment universe of Paladin Asset Management and Stock-Market-Research. Furthermore, this blog is not a publication of the Paladin Group and I am responsible for the ideas and content presented here. In this respect, there will be no conflict of interest between Paladin and Stock Market Research. If I hold stocks on which I publish research reports, I will disclose my ownership.

Here is what you can expect from this website:

  1. Extensive in-depth research reports including financial modeling: I will not publish any articles weekly, just for the sake of publishing. However, you will receive a research report that will hopefully meet the high-quality standards of my readers. Reports in this form free of charge are probably hard to find elsewhere
  2. Global approach: Get to know companies you might never have found due to home bias
  3. Genuineness: Everything you find on this website is 100 % written by me and independent from third party research

What Stock-Market-Research cannot do:

  1. Even if the research reports meet the regulatory requirements in the European Union, they are not recommendations for action (e.g. buy or sell). You are fully responsible for your own decisions. Please read the disclaimer
  2. I cannot foresee the future. There may be developments that deviate negatively from what one could have expected at the time of the research